Friday, December 14, 2012


Did you make a wish at noon (or 12:12) on 12/12/12? Did you ask for something special? Did you say a prayer or send positive energy out for the world in general, or you in particular?

I did a li'l summin summin. Although I won't get more specific than that because everyone knows if you tell someone what you wished for then it won't come true. Although FWIW I will say that I did not wish to get back together with my Ex. Kudos to me for being realistic!

My goal of being more positive lately is coming along nicely. Sometimes I have to repeat "today WILL be a good day" through gritted teeth, but generally speaking it's been working. It also helps that today is day 3 of sunshine and blue skies here in Vermont. It's amazing what a little vitamin D will do for the ol' psyche, y'know? I've gone out on walks for the past two days and plan on going out again this morning. Even if the only thing exposed is my cheeks and chin, I'm still getting the sun. And it feels fabulous!

Christmas is going to be lean this year for my part. I've managed to get a few presents with the tip money that I had saved up and some coinage that I rolled (to the tune of $33!). But all of that is gone now, so I'm hoping for some more cash tips in the next couple weeks so this isn't it. Money is tight enough that I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I have an extra $30 this week to go to the grocery store and buy vegetables. Mmmmm greeeeeeeeens.

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