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New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!

I don't have any plans for the evening, which is probably just as well. I have to work tomorrow. Last week at work was wonderful and busy and I am appreciating doing nothing today in preparation for another busy week. We've got a bushel and a half of snow and the skiers are flocking to the area. Which makes for a very busy massage center. Yay, us!

I'm thinking tonight will be a low-key evening of trashy romance novels, movies and pizza. Because tomorrow I go on a three-week vegan "cleanse". Mainly because I've been eating so much crap lately that I feel I need a detox but with my work schedule I need to keep myself fed. Vegan seemed like a good way to do it and as I'm familiar with eating that way, a no-brainer. It's basically just until my show January 17th. After that I should be good and detoxed. So then I can retox!

I am hopeful that 2013 will bring me all I hoped 2012 would bring me, only without the bitter hea…

I Guess We're Going to Have a Winter This Year


Post-Christmas Coma

Of course, at the moment I'm pretty much the only person in America suffering from this. But on the 26th when everyone is contemplating that fifth piece of pumpkin pie they had at midnight, I'll be annoyingly perky and back in action.

That is, if I can keep away from the cookies, tea ring, reese's peanut butter cups, and virtually every other carb under the stars.

It was a fun day. There ended up being seven people squeezed around my tiny table but fun was had by all. As demonstrated here:

But now, all has been cleaned up (finally) and a home - ironically on the self-same table - has been found for my new housemate:

My brother bought me a friggin' microwave! Can you believe it? I was mostly joking when I asked for that. I didn't think anyone would actually go for it. I can't stop thanking him. It's going to make coming home at 8pm and eating dinner a lot easier.

I'm working tomorrow - Christmas - morning. I've got a couple massage booked already so …

New Beginnings

Okay, so the world is supposed to end tomorrow but there are always a few protozoan survivors, so we'll all just begin again anew on the 22nd, 'kay?

Seriously though, I am looking forward to the end of 2012. Overall it was an eventful year, full of good and bad things. Which most years are unless you are either really lucky or really unlucky. Either way, I feel like 2012 has done its job and it's time to move on.

2013 feels like it holds so much potential that I am excited to get there. But that's always the way, isn't it? I felt the same about 2012 and now I feel like it's the houseguest that just won't leave.

My yoga teacher training starts the second weekend in January and I. Cannot. Wait. Theoretically I should have been taking classes this entire time but whoops. That's okay, I've been doing a little at home and my body will catch up quickly. I am looking forward to meeting new people and delving into a subject that has been close to my heart f…

Ho Ho Ho

One week from today will be the Williams Family Christmas Special. So I'm spending this morning finalizing details like the menu, when the frak I'm going to find the time to do a deep clean on my apartment, and double-checking my shopping list to make sure I don't leave off key items like "potatoes," "pork tenderloin," and "alcohol."

Christmas Dinner
Pork Tenderloin with wild rice and cherry stuffing
Pan Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Apple Sauce
As yet to be determined vegetable side, which I have pawned off on my brother
Cookies and pumpkin pie for dessert, courtesy of me mum

I will also be making some warm cider with cinnamon sticks in my crock pot for imbibing. Not spiked as several of the guests are not heavy drinkers and my brother doesn't drink at all. Although I am very tempted to have a small bottle of rum handy. Just in case I need it. I will have wine for those who want it.

There will be five of us and I think it will be fun. I am a…


Did you make a wish at noon (or 12:12) on 12/12/12? Did you ask for something special? Did you say a prayer or send positive energy out for the world in general, or you in particular?

I did a li'l summin summin. Although I won't get more specific than that because everyone knows if you tell someone what you wished for then it won't come true. Although FWIW I will say that I did not wish to get back together with my Ex. Kudos to me for being realistic!

My goal of being more positive lately is coming along nicely. Sometimes I have to repeat "today WILL be a good day" through gritted teeth, but generally speaking it's been working. It also helps that today is day 3 of sunshine and blue skies here in Vermont. It's amazing what a little vitamin D will do for the ol' psyche, y'know? I've gone out on walks for the past two days and plan on going out again this morning. Even if the only thing exposed is my cheeks and chin, I'm still getting the su…

We Got the Spirit, Yes We Do!

We got the Spirit, how 'bout you?

I have decided that it just isn't Christmas without a tree. And since I'm hosting Christmas this year, I needed to find my ornaments and find my Christmas spirit. I knew where my ornaments were: at my mom's, where they've been since three moves ago. So up I headed to pick them up. I actually had to raid my mom's stash of garland and lights as apparently I donated mine to charity when I was packing. Who knew?

I bought the tree today. I was doing my best not to buy a tree as money is real tight these days. But I had some tip money set aside for presents, so I took $20 and went to - gasp - Wally World and bought a tree. At least I will get my money's worth out of it by reusing it. I also bought a few presents with the leftover cash. And then I bought myself lunch with my remaining $8 and felt hugely guilty about it. Which is silly because I'm fairly certain my loved ones will not begrudge me lunch.

I have to admit, the lig…

Today Will be a Good Day

I'm trying this new thing where I be positive. Yesterday, my mantra was "Today, wonderful things are going to happen." Today, it's "Today will be a good day."

Since I feel myself struggling not to backslide into depression I am trying instead to look forward with hope and purpose. Because hope and purpose is a HELL of a lot more fun than tears and bone-deep sadness.

So, today will be a good day.

On Being Strong.

Keep Strong and Carry On.

Keep a stiff upper lip.

Let it go.

All things for a reason.

Something better is coming right around the corner.

All of these are ways of saying "you'll be okay. Just keep going and you'll be okay." But you know what? Sometimes, you don't WANT to be strong. You don't want to keep going. Sometimes all you want to do is lay in bed all day doing nothing, thinking of nothing, experiencing nothing. Because sometimes it is all just too much.

Don't get me wrong, strength is a good thing. Lord knows this life is hard enough as it is; you gotta have a backbone if you're going to get through it. But I think sometimes when we say "stay strong" to someone it doesn't come off as "you'll be okay," it comes off as "just get over it already." It is asking the person to ignore all the emotions and feelings right beneath the surface. Because lord knows our society is not particularly good with dealing emoti…

Happy Holidays?

For the first time in like, the history of me, Christmas was not easy this year. Normally we just go up to Mom's on Christmas Eve and head back after dinner Christmas day. I mean, it varies, but for the most part Christmas has always happened on Christmas at either my parent's house or my grandparent's house.

Not this year.

For the first time ever, I will be working Christmas Day and my brother - who is the groundskeeper and evening "watch" at a local inn - will have guests for the week and will be unable to leave the premises after 6pm. Nor will we be able to use the inn to host our own holiday like we did with Thanksgiving, as there is a wedding party that has rented it out.

So Christmas will be at my place on December 23rd.

I haven't decorated for Christmas in I don't know how long. My holiday decorations are stored up at my Mom's. Which means I'll be heading up there this weekend to pick them up. And to purloin a roasting pan as I do not have …