Saturday, November 24, 2012

There is no "Yay", just "Boo"

This weekend I was supposed to go down to my BFF's house (about 2 solid hours south of me so I never get to see her). She's a hunting widow this weekend, and we were going to have a girl's weekend. Hanging, kvetching, having fun, going to the King Arthur Flour Factory and getting our baking geeks on.

Yeah, I have a cold.

And not the "I'm going to ignore you and do it anyway" cold. Just enough of one to make spending three days at another person's house rude and not fun.

I know exactly who gave me the cold too, as she came down with it a whopping two days before I did. So, you know, THANKS. I'm trying really hard not to blame her because of course she didn't give it to me to intentionally ruin plans I've been looking forward to all month long.

So now instead of having fun with one of my besties I'm going to be spending the weekend moping about my apartment, sounding like a canada goose when I cough and hoping my throat doesn't close up completely.

Not the fun I had in mind for this weekend. Harumph.

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