The Jingle Belt Ain't Jinglin'

Earlier this week, I got in touch with the organizers of the two final shows I had for this year and begged off. I needed a break and told them as much. I just to feel joy when I dance again. Luckily, they were very understanding and had been through something similar themselves.

It was a huge load off, to be certain. Honestly I have not been dancing at all the last couple weeks and it has been very relieving. I do not plan to give up dance; far from it. I think that sometimes people get stuck doing the same old thing and get in a rut. I think that's part of it. Along with some of the other stuff I posted about earlier.

Sometimes you just have to step aside for a little while and give it some room to grow.

Me as "Sloth". Obviously, someone went a little crazy with the filters...


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