Friday, November 9, 2012

One Week Ago...

... in an hour or so... I lost my boyfriend. The man I thought was my Forever Guy. 9:23 pm. How warped and horrible is it that I recall the time so specifically?

Tomorrow, instead of running up to my Mom's and hiding, I will be going on a date. Am I freaked out? Hell yes. I am simultaneously excited and horrified that only one week out, I am doing this.

I have to stop myself from constantly emailing my now-ex thoughts and just one more thing's. It doesn't help my case, it doesn't make any difference. My greatest regret is sending this one email scant days before he broke up with me; an email I never should have sent and can never take back. It's too late to apologize for it, I can only move on with that regret.

So, tomorrow I will go out to dinner with a cute guy who seems pretty nice. Sunday afternoon I'll go on a coffee date with another guy who seems pretty nice.

And some day soon perhaps I'll find the guy who really does want to spend forever with me.

Fingers crossed.

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