Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh, Sandy!

What a wicked sense of humor you have!

As much as I hate getting caught up in storm hype, I admit to getting a little freaked out about this. I mean, I'm not in New York City or New Jersey or Pennsylvania or Maryland (although I have friends who are), but it looks as though the entire Eastern United States is going to get hit pretty hard.

One freakin' THIRD of the Country, yo. That's a lot of people.

I think Vermont is going to be "lucky" in that we're going to be dealing more with insane winds than insane water. Although, you just never know. I'm doing my best to prepare for several days without electricity. Luckily there isn't much in my freezer to go bad at the moment, and I cooked up the wicked expensive pastured, local eggs and chicken breasts in the hopes that they'll last a little longer in that form. Which they will 'cause raw meat doesn't last very long, does it? My plan is to eat perishables first, then move on to the less interesting non-perishables.

I have also bought some pre-made caffeine. Because I am not facing a long-term power outage without my morning coffee. Damn it. You can't take everything from me, Sandy!

I bought a gallon of water and have a few other containers I will fill tonight before bed. I also have liquids in the fridge that I will consume before the water, so I should be set for a few days. At least I'll be able to brush my teeth! I'll also be filling up my bathtub at some point so I'll have water to flush the toilet. Ugh. Fabulous.

I went out and bought a flashlight. I have located my paltry stash of candles. I am charging my batteries and my battery-operated radio is waiting for the juice.

I am hoping by my concession to preparedness none of this will be necessary and she'll peter out once she hits the Mountains.

I know, I know... wishful thinking.

Anyone care to make a wager as to how high the water will be Tuesday?

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