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I Call Shenanigans

Wow... once again time has gotten away from me and it's been too long since I posted. Lots and nothing have been happening, all at the same time. So while I could blah blah blah on about navel contemplation, instead I'm going to post pictures of me goofing around with my college buddies, who showed up last week for a few days.

Performance: Sloth

D'you wanna know what Sloth looks like as interpreted by a belly dancer who's spent all day in a 10-hour training?

Crazy Weekend

This past weekend I took a three-day intense continuing education seminar. On day two of the seminar, I also had a dance performance that evening. It was a crazy weekend, let me tell you!

The continuing education seminar was great. I learned some wonderful new things that I fully intend on integrating into my practice. It also challenged me on many different levels. It challenged me to:

let go of my need to control and judge ("If *I* was running this training, I would have....)let go of my fear of being judged and hear constructive criticism as helpful instead of hurtfultrust in the process of learninglet go of my need to do everything right first time out I really had some serious issues going on with the second one. There were multiple times where I felt unfairly singled out and that I was constantly being told I was wrong. I was very close to tears because of frustration, especially on Day Three. Of course, sheer exhaustion and information overload had nothing do to with that, …

Rental or Resident?

Long ago and far away, I used to live about 15 minutes from the ski town I work in now and regularly commuted through the quaint little town. Every year starting around this time I would play a little game I invented called "Count the Tour Buses". Totals would go up exponentially the closer we came to October and Fall Foliage.

This year, I find myself playing a different, more challenging game. It's called "Rental or Resident?" It's easy to pick out the out-of-state tourists who drive their own vehicles; the license plates aren't green. But for those visitors renting cars at the local airport and driving around the state, it gets a little more tricky. But here's what I noticed:

1. Late model cars with not a speck of dirt, dust or rust on them anywhere: Rental

2. Any car made before 2008, covered in dust, with a windshield covered in bug guts and missing at least one hubcap: My car Resident

3. Any car made after 2008, sparkling clean, roaring down th…