Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I'm tired. I'm worried. I'm frustrated. Basically, I'm just feeling rather down in the dumps.

Tomorrow starts my five-days-in-a-row-of-being-responsible-for-NOTHING. Otherwise known as my vacation. Five days is not enough, but it will have to do. It will help that I will be hanging with a cool friend who will also be on vacation and is in desperate need of a brain vacation.

Tomorrow is also chocked full of things I need to do. So it isn't really going to feel like day one of a vacation. I *need* to do laundry. It's the only day I really have to do yoga. I need to pack. I need to finish cleaning the apartment. I need to go to dance class. Honey is coming up and I *want* to hang with him.

Doesn't leave a lot of time for me not being responsible for anything, does it?

Something is going to give tomorrow, and I have a sneaky suspicion it's going to be the yoga class. Which is probably the one thing I shouldn't give up. Sigh. We shall see.

I'm so tired, yo.

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