Friday, August 17, 2012

Time Just Flies.

I was sitting here scrolling through my blog roll when it occurred to me I hadn't posted anything in nearly a week. Maybe a little more.

Time speeds by so quickly these days. How did it get to be the middle of August already? What do you mean it's been over a week since I posted anything? The week's over already? Didn't it just start? All of the kids are going back to school next week? It's going to be Labor Day in three weeks?

What the hell do you mean I'm 38 already?!?!

I spent most of yesterday rushing around. Down to the drug store to pick up a prescription and buy some tooth-related stuff, three different stores to cobble together a belly dance outfit for my show on the 8th of September. Grocery shopping. Home to drop off the food and eat a late lunch then off to get a much needed massage, where my therapist proceeded to tell me that a trigger-point bomb went off in my left shoulder. Then I did laundry. Then I came home where I vowed not to leave for the rest of the evening. And then made chili. And cornbread.

Today is my "Sunday". I don't plan on doing much. I need to clean the house a little as it's looking pretty bad and take the clothes down off the clothes rack. I'm going to hit a yoga class at 12:30. When I first started yoga, I was very methodological about it. The 9am Saturday class every week, without fail. That was the class I took. If I could fit another one in during the week, great. But now? Every week it's a crapshoot as to which class I'm going to take. It is ironic in that my work schedule allows me MORE time to try and fit it in, but my life schedule leaves me LESS. But I am determined to make my yoga practice a practice once again. I see the positive waves of it pulsing through my life. I want to continue with this.

It's just getting time to stop flying for a few god damned hours so I can take advantage of it. Know what I mean?

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