Monday, August 20, 2012

Onward and Upward

Today marks my last shift at Old Place. As of 8:31pm, I will no longer be reporting for duty. My weekend will now actually include a weekend day. I will be able to enjoy my Sundays as a day off for the first time in over three years.

My leaving is not bitter-sweet. I am ready to move forward to new possibilities. However, it is also not an instance of "good riddance to bad rubbish." Overall, my time at Old Place has been good. I am thankful for the opportunities they gave me. I have learned so much there and have met so many wonderful people I'd have never met otherwise. It was exactly what I needed when I needed it.

And now... it's time for me to move on to something else. It's the way of things. I have so many wonderful possibilities lined up for the next 18 months, including a Mani Lomi training in a couple weeks and my continued determination to take a yoga teacher training next year.

Yes, there are possibilities. And it's time to take the risk and jump without the net.

I'm ready.

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