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What the heck was that?

I try to self-Reiki every night, usually as I'm laying in bed but before I actually go to sleep. Actually, it helps me sleep and it's pretty common for me to drift off as I'm doing it. Which, unlike falling asleep during meditation, is completely okay. The Reiki will often continue to flow regardless of whether or not I'm awake.

Last night I must have drifted off as I was doing this, because all of the sudden I was jolted awake by... something. It felt like a huge scary thing was released. I have absolutely no idea what let go, but it was most definitely something that was causing me fear, as that's what I felt leaving me.

I drifted back to sleep quickly and easily and pretty much forgot all about it until like an hour ago when I couldn't figure out why the heck I have absolutely no energy today. It's a gorgeous day outside and it's a free day for me so I should be out living it to the fullest. But all I can manage is switching from What Not To Wear to

Weekends are Cool

Yesterday was the first Sunday I've had off in years. The weather even cooperated by being a gorgeous late summer kind of day.

It was a pretty low-key day for me. I slept in and then headed off for a belly dancing rehearsal for our upcoming show. Then I headed up one of the mountains to visit my Mum, who was covering for my brother at Sleepy Hollow Inn (my bro and his girl are groundskeepers, for lack of a better term). They are both out in Seattle for a friend's wedding.


As I was driving home last night, this was my view:

Rockin', eh?

It's been weird not working today. It's Monday and usually right now I'd be getting ready for work. But at the moment I'm IMing with my bud Marie and watching Tia and Tamera and writing this post.



I've seen a lot of them lately. Much more than I normally see going the course of my life. So, of course, that meant that I needed to look them up as a totem. In the past, I've gotten totem advice from both crows and hares. So why not dragonflies?
Dragonfly is the essence of the winds of change,the messages of wisdom and enlightenment; and the communication from the elemental world. Dragonfly medicine beckons you to seek out the parts of your habits which need changing.Call on Dragonfly to guide you through the mists of illusion to the pathway of transformation. (click here)  I like this, a lot. I feel like I am on the brink of massive change. That I'm searching for... I have no idea what. Similarly:
Dragonfly embodies a stripping away of all the beliefs that say we cannot do this or that, achieve a dream or goal, it is to remind us that anything is possible when we really get the understanding that we are part of Spirit and as such we have the power to manifest anything th…

Onward and Upward

Today marks my last shift at Old Place. As of 8:31pm, I will no longer be reporting for duty. My weekend will now actually include a weekend day. I will be able to enjoy my Sundays as a day off for the first time in over three years.

My leaving is not bitter-sweet. I am ready to move forward to new possibilities. However, it is also not an instance of "good riddance to bad rubbish." Overall, my time at Old Place has been good. I am thankful for the opportunities they gave me. I have learned so much there and have met so many wonderful people I'd have never met otherwise. It was exactly what I needed when I needed it.

And now... it's time for me to move on to something else. It's the way of things. I have so many wonderful possibilities lined up for the next 18 months, including a Mani Lomi training in a couple weeks and my continued determination to take a yoga teacher training next year.

Yes, there are possibilities. And it's time to take the risk and jump w…

Time Just Flies.

I was sitting here scrolling through my blog roll when it occurred to me I hadn't posted anything in nearly a week. Maybe a little more.

Time speeds by so quickly these days. How did it get to be the middle of August already? What do you mean it's been over a week since I posted anything? The week's over already? Didn't it just start? All of the kids are going back to school next week? It's going to be Labor Day in three weeks?

What the hell do you mean I'm 38 already?!?!

I spent most of yesterday rushing around. Down to the drug store to pick up a prescription and buy some tooth-related stuff, three different stores to cobble together a belly dance outfit for my show on the 8th of September. Grocery shopping. Home to drop off the food and eat a late lunch then off to get a much needed massage, where my therapist proceeded to tell me that a trigger-point bomb went off in my left shoulder. Then I did laundry. Then I came home where I vowed not to leave for the r…

This Actually Works!

Or: Great Experiment Redux.

I got this idea earlier in the year from Pinterest: take the ends of your store-bought romaine lettuce and plant them in the ground. Then water and wait.


That's like four or five days' growth on the near one. I swear at one point on Friday it doubled in size over a couple hours. Even Boyfriend commented on it.

So yeah. Don't just throw out those lettuce ends. Recycle 'em!

Florida Highlights


And.... we're off!!

Packed bags? check.
Boarding passes printed? check.
Phone, wallet, ID and ipod? check.

Copious amounts of OCD pre-boarding checking of above? In the works.

It's officially time for Four Fabulous Floridian days!!! I will most likely return as crispy bacon despite the copious amounts of sunscreen I'll apply. It's okay though. Everyone likes bacon!



I'm tired. I'm worried. I'm frustrated. Basically, I'm just feeling rather down in the dumps.

Tomorrow starts my five-days-in-a-row-of-being-responsible-for-NOTHING. Otherwise known as my vacation. Five days is not enough, but it will have to do. It will help that I will be hanging with a cool friend who will also be on vacation and is in desperate need of a brain vacation.

Tomorrow is also chocked full of things I need to do. So it isn't really going to feel like day one of a vacation. I *need* to do laundry. It's the only day I really have to do yoga. I need to pack. I need to finish cleaning the apartment. I need to go to dance class. Honey is coming up and I *want* to hang with him.

Doesn't leave a lot of time for me not being responsible for anything, does it?

Something is going to give tomorrow, and I have a sneaky suspicion it's going to be the yoga class. Which is probably the one thing I shouldn't give up. Sigh. We shall see.

I'm so tir…