Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Done.

Sunday evening, I sent THE email. The one that let everyone know that Monday, August 20th would be my last day at Old Place. I later learned that four other people gave notice last week, too. That doesn't include the round of Mass Exodus that happened last month.

If this were any other business, this kind of turnover would spark a desperate frenzy. However, this being massage it simply means people are moving on. The massage industry tends to be rather fluid and it is rare to find someone who sticks in a place longer than a year. I have been at Old Place for just over two years (on my last day, it will be two years, one month, two weeks and one day). Trust me, I have felt every last second of it.

I have no doubt I will work every bit as hard at New Place (soon to be just Work) as I did at the old. The difference is, the pace is a bit more manageable and I actually get paid what I'm worth. Which makes a huge difference.

In other news, I went to my first yoga class in nine months last week. This week, I will go again. I am attempting to develop an at-home practice, as well as being a bit more resolute with my meditation. I have printed out the required reading book list for the yoga training and will be setting tip money aside to pay for them (after I save up enough for a new ipod. Priorities). I am determined to be successful at the yoga teacher training.

Still not entirely sure where the down payment is going to come from, but I'll find it somewhere. I want this. It will happen.

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