Hello, Old Friend

I'm considering vegetarianism again. Not on a full-time basis, but more as a mindful way of eating. Although, I'm hesitant about it. Mainly because when I try to apply "rules" to my eating, bad things happen. Mainly I start getting out of control about it.

I've done very well sticking to local, grass-fed animal products (I even found milk from grass-fed cows, can you believe it?!) and I do my best to keep meat as a complement to the meal instead the center of it. Most days.

I guess I'm looking at it more as a cleansing process. I dunno. It's kind of just sitting around in the wings. I suppose I just need to start working more veggie meals into my daily routine without making a big deal of it. Which I have a difficult time with because I love to think about food and plan food and food and food and food!!!!


Yeah... no "rules" are good for me. So we shall see.


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