Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Forward Momentum

This past Sunday evening, I put it out there that I was in desperate need of a Reiki treatment. I give myself Reiki treatments almost daily, but sometimes you just need someone with a little more experience to "clean out" all the places you miss. Kinda like a dentist. Only way less invasive and WAY more enjoyable.

My friend Terrie (who initiated me into both Usui Reiki 1 and 2) was kind enough to fit me in on Monday morning. I was surprised and extremely grateful for this. I've been feeling stuck for a while regarding my current professional situation and I needed to either be unstuck, have the way cleared, or just plain receive some insights on my next steps.

Terrie integrates aromatherapy into her Reiki sessions, and hoo-boy, let me tell you! If you ever find anyone in your area who does this, I highly recommend it! It both deepens and enhances the experience. Especially if they are tailoring the scents to your needs.

After one hour of Reiki, I was flying high. I was disturbingly perky and I was tingly and energized and just feeling great. I felt lighter, as if things I had been holding on to had been released. Which is a good thing as that is what I wanted. The main thing I was able to let go of was my fear of risk in moving forward. All this time, I could see what I wanted; I just couldn't get there because "the risk" was just too great in my eyes.

The Reiki helped me let go of that. The reality is, I can move forward in the way I want. If it is meant to work out, the road will clear and it will work out. If it is not meant, the road will put up road blocks and shift me to another road. And that's okay too.

So, to that end, when I got home I put out feelers to extending my hours at the job I currently prefer. I also put out feelers for a local 200 hour yoga teacher training starting in January. I have received return messages to the positive in both.

I am starting my forward momentum again, and it feels wonderful.

Pollinatin' Positivity

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