Sunday, July 22, 2012

Change, yo

Today when I go into Old Work, I will be looking at my schedule to see when my last day will be. This evening, when I return home I will be writing an email of resignation. I would much prefer to do it in person, but all of the managers and the owner will be out of town until Wednesday. In this particular business, the sooner I can get off the schedule the easier it is for everyone. Easier to transition out for me, easier for my clients to transition to new therapists, and easier for the front desk girls because they won't have to call a dozen or more clients to break the bad news.

This is scary as fuck, yo.

I am taking a huge risk by putting all of my eggs in one basket, especially in the off-season. I have great faith in New Place, and I know if I can make it through the summer and into the fall I will be set. But as I have said before, I'm not particularly good at taking risks. Especially when finances are involved. This is my livelihood we're talking about.

So maybe I'll have to be more picky with my organic purchases. So maybe I'll have to bump down my cable subscription, or worse, give it up all together. Maybe not for worse, but I like my cable damn it. Maybe I'll have to pick up a part-time job.

I just need to move forward, and I can't do that with one foot in the past.

So, I'm yanking my foot out of the past and placing it in the present. It's a pretty good place to be right now, so I might as well stick around for it.

I will be okay.

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