Friday, June 1, 2012

New Possibilities!

About a month ago my boss and I were talking during a slow period and she mentioned something about marketing, and I told her that I used to do that in my past life and if they ever needed any help I'd be happy to pitch in. Sure, there would be a bit of a learning curve, but I figured why not? I let her know that I was always happiest designing and writing.

My boss got this gleam in her eyes. Apparently the marketing department had been swamped with other things and never had the time needed to make things start popping at New Place. Side bar - New Place is a "spin-off" of a local hotel. We have our own building and accept outside appointments, but we are technically still part of the hotel. So, marketing department is actually Hotel's marketing department.

So Boss mentioned it to someone who spoke to someone and they all got together and had a meeting. And tomorrow, I'll be meeting with someone in the Marketing Department. Apparently they are quite keen on getting some help in, and are very interested in the ideas I gave them for restarting the defunct New Place blog. Actually, I gave them like six months worth of blog post ideas. In ten minutes.

I am excited. I would love to earn some extra money writing. I love to write. Writing and designing are the big things - okay only things - I miss about Hell Job. I did some good design work there (even though I am essentially untrained) and I loved that I was finally able to integrate writing into my job description. Sure, I mix up my tenses and have a tendency to use too many words to get an idea across, but I like to think that I clean up pretty good.

So, I will keep you posted. This may not amount to anything and that would be fine too. But I would love to be able to write and get paid for it. Even if it is a nominal sum.

Yeah, that would be pretty cool.

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