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My Baby's a Good Baby

See what he got me last night, just 'cause?

Yeah, I think I'll keep him.

The Great Experiment and Thanksgiving in June

So, this past weekend I made a "Thanksgiving" dinner, all by myself. Turkey breast (local, grass fed, frakking expensive), mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, gravy, rolls and even canned cranberry sauce. As my family historically never does green bean casserole, this was a first for me. I went online and used this recipe from It's fantastic, and you don't have to worry about highly processed and icky ingredients because it's all real! Of course I tweaked the recipe a little... but just a little.

I did the turkey and stuffing in the crock pot and it was amazing. I am so proud of myself, I can't even tell you! It's the first time I did something of this caliber all by myself. The Boyfriend (whom I did this for because he loves turkey dinners) was very pleased as well. All in all, it was a great success. Yay!
In terms of The Great Experiment... look at the PEAS! Aren't they beautiful?!?

I had to add in some more strings beca…


For the past several days now, I have been feeling down in the dumps. All I want to do is hide in my li'l Hobbit Hole (aka my apartment) and let the world pass me by while I deal with whatever this is. Because I don't know what this is, or where it came from. Or if it's even mine. Because I don't think it is. But it has latched on and won't let go.

So here I am, trying to do the Right Thing and avoid humanity and humanity keeps reaching in and trying to draw me out. Which leads me to believe that Humanity is masochistic. I mean, one might look at it as "you need to get out and be with people" but honestly, that is going against everything my Self is telling me. Unfortunately, bills need to be paid and food needs to be bought, so work is something I must do. In the mean time, I'm just trying to do my best and not take my foul mood out on innocent bystanders. Thankfully, today is my Friday. Which means, as soon as I get home from work I can hole up for …

The Great Experiment

We have our first major success!

A lovely bowl of microgreens. And these were just the tall leaves that were crowding out the smaller ones. Now, while these recover the second string will have a chance to grow big and strong and become food in my belly.


The Great Experiment


Gah! Groceries!

Tomorrow is my grocery shopping day. Which is a good thing because I'm running out of just about everything. The local Farmer's Market starts up on Friday. Which is not my shopping day. D'oh! Although, it's still pretty early in the season so there won't be much in the way of summer veggies yet. Since I've never been to this market it'll be fun to just go and see what they offer. Then I can make a summer plan.

Anyway, this morning I took a look at the ever-growing list of things I need to get tomorrow and inwardly cringed. It's going to be expensive. Hell, it's expensive every week. I'm mean, should a single gal really be spending $80 a week on groceries? Then I start mentally dividing the list: okay, I can get the meat and bread at this store because they have a good selection of local stuff, and then I'll get the rest at Shaw's because it'll be cheaper.
But you know what? It *is* cheaper. Cheaper nutritionally and environmentally. …

New Possibilities!

About a month ago my boss and I were talking during a slow period and she mentioned something about marketing, and I told her that I used to do that in my past life and if they ever needed any help I'd be happy to pitch in. Sure, there would be a bit of a learning curve, but I figured why not? I let her know that I was always happiest designing and writing.

My boss got this gleam in her eyes. Apparently the marketing department had been swamped with other things and never had the time needed to make things start popping at New Place. Side bar - New Place is a "spin-off" of a local hotel. We have our own building and accept outside appointments, but we are technically still part of the hotel. So, marketing department is actually Hotel's marketing department.

So Boss mentioned it to someone who spoke to someone and they all got together and had a meeting. And tomorrow, I'll be meeting with someone in the Marketing Department. Apparently they are quite keen on getti…