Shhh... Can You Hear it?

I am sitting on my porch, enjoying a warm late spring afternoon. Sitting, I can watch pedestrians and vehicles alike pass by on their way to Somewhere Else. I can feel the breeze kiss my skin. I can see it as it rustles the leaves of plants kept inside for far too long. I can hear a nearby wind chime toll its single note. The clouds roll in and slowly blot out the blue sky, making good on the promises of thunderstorms tonight.

I sit here, pretending to read. I give up the pretense, close my eyes and silently chant the mantra that comes so often to me lately, the Goddess Chant:


Sometime I switch out Kali with Morrigan to better reflect my Celtic roots, but today the original chant is what comes to me unannounced. As I sit silently repeating Their names in my head and listening to the traffic pass by, everything lifts. I see the colors of my chakras shift in my vision - red to orange to yellow to the most vibrant green I've seen in a good long while. It stops there, at my Heart Chakra. That's okay though. The heart's a good place to be and I don't mind occupying that space for a while.

It occurs to me that I should find a way to make a living off this kind of peace and tranquility. Don't ask me how. In my experience, success tends to take all the peace out of a thing. I'd rather be peaceful. I'm pretty sure my soul agrees with me on that one. Instead of trying to earn a living off bottling up and selling this moment, how about I just make the most of living in the moment?

Yeah, that sounds pretty good.


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