Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Principles are Expensive

I was lamenting to my friend Marie earlier today about my weekly grocery bill. It averages out to about $80 a week. For just me. Oh sure, The Boyfriend does eat over, but mostly we go out or something and he doesn't eat that much. Mostly it's just me eating $80 worth of food. And I'm not going crazy here.

This is my grocery list for this week:
garlic     soymilk          almonds
fruit       toilet paper     canned beans
veg        meat               soda
bread     cheese            bath salts
yogurt   coffee

Not a crazy list, right? Nothing out of the ordinary. Except that 90% of the fruit and veggies are organic and the meat is either local or organic or both. I buy both cheese and yogurt locally too (although I am lucky enough to be able to say Cabot is local to me). I've found a local baker who does wonderful whole wheat loaves for $3.80. The cheapest local bread around short of making my own.

I probably won't buy everything on this list. Heck, I've already spent $30 on the meat, some berries that were on sale (not organic), the bread, and a bottle of wine. Which - because my birthday is in a couple days - was necessary even if not on the list. If I were out of cleaning supplies, the products would probably be Seventh Generation, unless something else less toxic were available for cheaper. If eggs were on the list, they'd be local and grass fed. We have local, organic soymilk but it's a splurge to buy it at nearly $5 a gallon, so it's regular ol' Silk for me.

The Farmer's Market: My favorite place to get the best local goodies!
I believe in organic. I believe in local. I believe that supporting both does good not only for our neighbors but for the planet. Factory farming is screwing things up, and if I can give my money to someone who believes the same thing, I'm all for it. I know there are organic factory farms popping up, but if I have to choose between the lesser of two evils (which seems to be the only real choice for many Americans), I'm going to choose the organic factory farm that isn't putting quite so much toxicity into the soil.

But I tell ya, my bank account isn't a bit fan of my morals.

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