Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Great Experiment has Begun

It's GORGEOUS out today. In the 80's, bright blue sky... the kind of day that makes you want to dig in the dirt. Of course, living in an apartment you have to go and buy dirt, but that's besides the point. Today, I decided to put the Great Experiment in action.

What happens when a gal with no gardening experience and minimal talent keeping plants alive decides to start a container vegetable garden? Who the hell knows? But I guess we'll find out!

This container holds a salad lettuce blend. It gets early morning sun and is shaded the rest of the day. The chives are just chillin'. They're a re-pot from my Mum and I'm hoping they don't crap out on me.

The closer one has peas, the further one has "wild" cherry tomatoes. Both will need trellises, although if I keep them there the railing should do the trick and provide some privacy screening to boot. This gets late morning/early afternoon sun.

I'll have to watch them the next couple of weeks, especially if the evening temperatures go much below 45 degrees. Then they'll be overnighting inside. Luckily they're pretty light and easy to move. If the tomatoes don't thrive with the amount of light I can give them on the porch, I do have another place to put them; but they'd be much less protected by my veil of "this is my space".

Let's see how this goes!

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