Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fly little wishes, fly!

It's dandelion season here in Vermont. Everywhere you look, there are rolling fields of bright yellow flowers. And on a sunny, warm day like today it just makes everything that much better.

If you've got dandelions, you by sure have dandelion fluff. Which means you have to make a wish. And if you blow real hard and you get all the fluff off, your wish will come true.

That's always frustrated me. Because 1) there's always one freakin' seed that hold on for dear life and 2) you feel like nothing's ever going to come to pass and that somehow you've failed because you don't have the lung capacity to blow fluff off a stem. Or is that just me?

Well, today I was taking a lovely evening stroll along a wooded path by the river. I happened upon a fluffy dandelion and made my wish. As I watched each little fairy seed float off over the water and down the river, it occurred to me that we have it all wrong. Each little bit of fluff flying through the air is carrying your heart's desire out into the Universe. The more fluff that gets airborne, the better the chance you will be heard.

So the next time you make a wish on a dandelion, don't look down at the seeds still remaining, follow each little bit of white as it takes your wish up and out and to the Universe.

And smile.

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