Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Great Experiment Update

The peas! Look at the peas! They'll be latching on to the porch really soon. I'm really excited to see how they continue to grow. Looking at them now, I'm a little concerned I didn't space them well enough. Thinking I may need to get some twine to help the ones in the back have something to hold on to.

The tomatoes have sprouted! I definitely crowded these guys; I put the entire packet of seeds in this tiny planter. I had no idea how many seeds would actually "take" so I figured I'd hedge my bets. They are definitely growing a lot slower than the rest of them. It's going to be a while before they start latching on to the porch. I may need to get another planter once they get a little larger and transfer some into that.

Lettuce sprouts! If I wanted sprouts I could definitely start eating these now. Again, they are REALLY crowded in there. I shouldn't have put the entire packet of seeds in the planter. Thinking of getting another planter and transferring half of them into that. Again, I think I might wait until they are either a little larger or they start their "survival of the fittest" competition.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Great Experiment Update

There has been a sighting of a single, solitary tomato sprout. I'd post a picture, but the sprout is so small my camera can't focus on it.

Peas and lettuce are doing very well and I'm proud of both of them. Or rather, all of them. That solitary tomato soldier is scouting ahead for the rest of the troupes, I'm sure. I gave them a little bit of Reiki this afternoon to help light the way, as it were.

I may actually have home-grown vegetables this summer. Squee!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lookie Lookie Lookie!!!

See what I've got???

I've got lettuce sprouts out the wazoo! This is what happens when you dump the entire package of seeds in willy nilly.

Peas! Three tiny little sprouts you have to really stare at to find, but they're in there.
See see see??? It's a pea!
The tomatoes have done anything yet, but as it has only been four days I'm not too worried yet. If it gets to be into late next week and still nothing, we'll have to give up that pipe dream and plant something else. Which is okay, because this is The Great Experiment, right?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Shhh... Can You Hear it?

I am sitting on my porch, enjoying a warm late spring afternoon. Sitting, I can watch pedestrians and vehicles alike pass by on their way to Somewhere Else. I can feel the breeze kiss my skin. I can see it as it rustles the leaves of plants kept inside for far too long. I can hear a nearby wind chime toll its single note. The clouds roll in and slowly blot out the blue sky, making good on the promises of thunderstorms tonight.

I sit here, pretending to read. I give up the pretense, close my eyes and silently chant the mantra that comes so often to me lately, the Goddess Chant:


Sometime I switch out Kali with Morrigan to better reflect my Celtic roots, but today the original chant is what comes to me unannounced. As I sit silently repeating Their names in my head and listening to the traffic pass by, everything lifts. I see the colors of my chakras shift in my vision - red to orange to yellow to the most vibrant green I've seen in a good long while. It stops there, at my Heart Chakra. That's okay though. The heart's a good place to be and I don't mind occupying that space for a while.

It occurs to me that I should find a way to make a living off this kind of peace and tranquility. Don't ask me how. In my experience, success tends to take all the peace out of a thing. I'd rather be peaceful. I'm pretty sure my soul agrees with me on that one. Instead of trying to earn a living off bottling up and selling this moment, how about I just make the most of living in the moment?

Yeah, that sounds pretty good.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Great Experiment has Begun

It's GORGEOUS out today. In the 80's, bright blue sky... the kind of day that makes you want to dig in the dirt. Of course, living in an apartment you have to go and buy dirt, but that's besides the point. Today, I decided to put the Great Experiment in action.

What happens when a gal with no gardening experience and minimal talent keeping plants alive decides to start a container vegetable garden? Who the hell knows? But I guess we'll find out!

This container holds a salad lettuce blend. It gets early morning sun and is shaded the rest of the day. The chives are just chillin'. They're a re-pot from my Mum and I'm hoping they don't crap out on me.

The closer one has peas, the further one has "wild" cherry tomatoes. Both will need trellises, although if I keep them there the railing should do the trick and provide some privacy screening to boot. This gets late morning/early afternoon sun.

I'll have to watch them the next couple of weeks, especially if the evening temperatures go much below 45 degrees. Then they'll be overnighting inside. Luckily they're pretty light and easy to move. If the tomatoes don't thrive with the amount of light I can give them on the porch, I do have another place to put them; but they'd be much less protected by my veil of "this is my space".

Let's see how this goes!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Well, hello there you sexy thang...

... what's your name?

Wonderful birthday present from The Boyfriend. Isn't it a beauty? I didn't even know that Keurig made red coffee machines!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fly little wishes, fly!

It's dandelion season here in Vermont. Everywhere you look, there are rolling fields of bright yellow flowers. And on a sunny, warm day like today it just makes everything that much better.

If you've got dandelions, you by sure have dandelion fluff. Which means you have to make a wish. And if you blow real hard and you get all the fluff off, your wish will come true.

That's always frustrated me. Because 1) there's always one freakin' seed that hold on for dear life and 2) you feel like nothing's ever going to come to pass and that somehow you've failed because you don't have the lung capacity to blow fluff off a stem. Or is that just me?

Well, today I was taking a lovely evening stroll along a wooded path by the river. I happened upon a fluffy dandelion and made my wish. As I watched each little fairy seed float off over the water and down the river, it occurred to me that we have it all wrong. Each little bit of fluff flying through the air is carrying your heart's desire out into the Universe. The more fluff that gets airborne, the better the chance you will be heard.

So the next time you make a wish on a dandelion, don't look down at the seeds still remaining, follow each little bit of white as it takes your wish up and out and to the Universe.

And smile.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Did you know...

... that there is no such thing as "calories" on your birthday?

True deal.

Happy birthday to me!

(and tomorrow I'll be drinking tons of water to flush out all the salt from the pizza and chinese food today).

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Principles are Expensive

I was lamenting to my friend Marie earlier today about my weekly grocery bill. It averages out to about $80 a week. For just me. Oh sure, The Boyfriend does eat over, but mostly we go out or something and he doesn't eat that much. Mostly it's just me eating $80 worth of food. And I'm not going crazy here.

This is my grocery list for this week:
garlic     soymilk          almonds
fruit       toilet paper     canned beans
veg        meat               soda
bread     cheese            bath salts
yogurt   coffee

Not a crazy list, right? Nothing out of the ordinary. Except that 90% of the fruit and veggies are organic and the meat is either local or organic or both. I buy both cheese and yogurt locally too (although I am lucky enough to be able to say Cabot is local to me). I've found a local baker who does wonderful whole wheat loaves for $3.80. The cheapest local bread around short of making my own.

I probably won't buy everything on this list. Heck, I've already spent $30 on the meat, some berries that were on sale (not organic), the bread, and a bottle of wine. Which - because my birthday is in a couple days - was necessary even if not on the list. If I were out of cleaning supplies, the products would probably be Seventh Generation, unless something else less toxic were available for cheaper. If eggs were on the list, they'd be local and grass fed. We have local, organic soymilk but it's a splurge to buy it at nearly $5 a gallon, so it's regular ol' Silk for me.

The Farmer's Market: My favorite place to get the best local goodies!
I believe in organic. I believe in local. I believe that supporting both does good not only for our neighbors but for the planet. Factory farming is screwing things up, and if I can give my money to someone who believes the same thing, I'm all for it. I know there are organic factory farms popping up, but if I have to choose between the lesser of two evils (which seems to be the only real choice for many Americans), I'm going to choose the organic factory farm that isn't putting quite so much toxicity into the soil.

But I tell ya, my bank account isn't a bit fan of my morals.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wanna See Me Dance?

Here's a little snippet from the last show:

I've got to say, not half bad considering that I was making it all up as I went along..

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Food is good.

One of the nice things about having all this new-found time to myself is that I'm able to make more things from scratch for each meal instead of having to plan everything ahead of time. Now that I'm at Old Work only twice a week, I don't really need to have pre-portioned, ready-to-go meals handy. They're great for the two days I work there, but New Place doesn't have an employee fridge for the massage therapists and frankly, if you're there at certain times of day they'll feed you anyway. There are perks for working for a hotel with a restaurant, let me tell you.

Doing my best to not go to the grocery store multiple times a week has also helped me be a lot more creative with the things I pull together. I still search recipes and go grocery shopping according to what the recipe calls for, but then I have the rest of the week to get creative with the leftover ingredients and things I already have on hand. I admit, it's been a lot of fun coming up with new (to me, at least) ideas. Plus, it feels good that nothing is going to waste and everything is getting used up. I still make sure to portion out a serving or two for the freezer, for those days I don't feel like cooking or for "emergency" meals.

Yesterday I whipped up a no-noodle lasagna made with things left over from the lasagna I made a couple weeks ago. Instead of noodles, I used a couple sliced red potatoes. It's actually really delicious and packed with leftover veggies from a thai recipe I made earlier this week. Tonight - provided that I don't book a massage in the next couple hours - I'm going to make some polenta and top it with some Mexican-spiced beans and corn. Sounds good, doesn't it?

I'd post pictures of both, but the first has been sitting in the fridge for a while and doesn't look so hot and I haven't made the second yet. So, you're going to have to settle for a picture of this:

Love me? Pweeze?

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