Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Things I Want

1. A new potato masher.
Take that, you evil potatoes, you!

Actually, I'm thinking about getting a ricer. Talk about your "upgrades".
This looks like it could do some damage, eh?

I just threw away my old masher; I had it since I first started living on my own and it was all peely and rusty and the idea of it touching edible food was somewhat nasty. But a ricer... well. All the bodies on Food Network rave about the smoothness of the resulting mashed potatoes. Although, a regular masher is way cheaper and easier to store. We shall see.

2. An essential oil mister.

Cause it would make it smell good up in here. Although, this one is way expensive and not very attractive-looking. This one, however, I could get behind:

And it's $7 as opposed to $70. Um.... yeah.

3. A large cast-iron skillet.

Not only is it great to cook on, it's an amazing home invasion deterrent.

Although I find the larger ones a little to heavy to lift for my wrists, I only have a small one now and it's just not big enough to do something like a stir-fry. I have to do each thing individually, take it out, let it get cold while I'm doing everything else, then try to figure out how to warm it up again. Not effective. I have my eye on one in a locally owned cookstore downtown. Reasonably priced. Just building up my biceps so I can lift it.

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