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I've been May Day'd

It's fun, it's random, it has candy, and it arrived in the mail this morning. Thank you, Becky, for your May Day Fun Time package!

Things I Want

1. A new potato masher.

Actually, I'm thinking about getting a ricer. Talk about your "upgrades".

I just threw away my old masher; I had it since I first started living on my own and it was all peely and rusty and the idea of it touching edible food was somewhat nasty. But a ricer... well. All the bodies on Food Network rave about the smoothness of the resulting mashed potatoes. Although, a regular masher is way cheaper and easier to store. We shall see.

2. An essential oil mister.

Cause it would make it smell good up in here. Although, this one is way expensive and not very attractive-looking. This one, however, I could get behind:

And it's $7 as opposed to $70. Um.... yeah.

3. A large cast-iron skillet.

Not only is it great to cook on, it's an amazing home invasion deterrent.

Although I find the larger ones a little to heavy to lift for my wrists, I only have a small one now and it's just not big enough to do something like a stir-fry. I have to do each thi…

One Springy Dingy

Two springy dingy!

It was in the 80's again on Monday, so I took advantage of the weather and took a nice long walk before work. I also brought a camera with me, to prove to the world that every once in a while Vermont actually has a spring.



Now... I just need it to be warm enough for me to wear these without looking like an idiot.

Spring, this is your cue!

Pantry Cookin'

Because my work load has greatly decreased this month (and I'm hesitant to pick up any shifts due to the fact that I don't want to), I'm trying to curb my habit of going food shopping every other day. Which is hard because I love food shopping. So I'm trying to keep it down to one trip a week.

As I already went on Thursday and I've still got several days until this Thursday and the fridge is looking a little bare, I turned to the pantry to figure out some way to make pasta interesting for the next few days. What did I see? A can of black beans and Panko bread crumbs. What did I make? Black bean "meat" balls.

The recipe is adapted from a black bean burger recipe a friend gave me several years ago. I think she got it out of Eating Well magazine. The original recipe used cumin, tabasco and salsa, but as I planned on making meatballs, I used tomato sauce and Italian-spiced breadcrumbs instead. You'll see I didn't add any spices or even salt to this; b…

Be Careful What You Wish For

Do you remember how I said I was saving up for possibly taking an entire month off sometime this summer? Well, I think I'm sorta doing it a little early. I am totally loving my new job. The one downside that I'm coming up to right now is that it relies heavily on the tourist trade for its income and right now there aren't a lot of tourists. It's the in-between time here in Vermont; there isn't any snow (like there ever was this winter) but it's not our gorgeous summer or fall yet.

I'm still working at the Old Place two days as week, so I have cash coming in there, and I am doing some massages at the new place, so it's not like I'm financially strapped. But if I want to not have to pick up shifts, I'm going to have to be pretty damned frugal. I can swing it without dipping into my savings, thanks mainly to the federal tax return that was just deposited this morning. But obviously I won't be able to continue long-term; if things don't pick…