Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who'd Have Thought...

... you'd ever hear me say "... and I was really looking forward to going to work, too?"

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate this second week off since I'm sure I probably need it. However, I was really ready to start up at the New Place this week and it broke my heart a little calling my manager to say that I couldn't come in yesterday or today because of my car. As it's generally considered bad form to call out on your second week of employment, there was no small amount of guilt tucked in there, too. Luckily she was very understanding.

I am stuck at home, and it frankly kinda sucks. It's not warm like it was last week, and I can't go anywhere because my car has only one trip left in it, and that's to go to the mechanic tomorrow. Frankly, I'm hoping it has THAT trip left in it. I actually Reiki'd it for twenty minutes before bed last night. It just kept wanting more. And I do realize that sounds like I need to see a Special Doctor. Unless she makes house calls, it ain't gonna be today.

So, what does a girl do when weather isn't beckoning her outside and there's nothing to do? This!

"Lower Calorie" cinnamon roll muffins, that's what. No yeast, so they come together quickly. Boy are they tasty! I, ahem, maybe ate too many of them last night. But how could you resist this, I ask?

Yeah, I didn't think you could, either. I used this recipe for the basic idea, although I added some chopped walnuts I had on hand for the filling, and I used my own non-recipe for the glaze. I've been making frosting/glaze since I was eight; I don't need no steenkin' recipe. I use my Mom's non-recipe: dump stuff in a bowl until it's frosting; frost. If you want glaze, use more milk; glaze.

The sad thing is... I made these last night. Like, 8pm last night. I needed something else to do today. So I'm making BREAD. The kneading, rising, kneading, rising kind of bread that takes all day. Hey, it's not like I'm going anywhere. It has been a couple years since I've baked my own bread. When I went back to school, I just didn't have the time. And when I did have the time I didn't have the space. It's nice to be able to make it again. If this comes out well, I may start doing it again. Since this recipe makes two loaves, one loaf is going to be a traditional sandwich loaf and the other is going to be an oval loaf, sort of like an Italian loaf. If I can get it to shape that way. Heck, maybe we'll just call it artisanal and go with it.

I'm sure I'll have pictures tomorrow. Because it's not like I have anything else to do!

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