Friday, March 9, 2012

Today's the Day...

Today's the day I sell my soul to the Evil Cable Company. They're supposedly coming between 11am and 1pm today. On the one hand, I am not excited about the bill. On the other hand.... I can watch any show I want to. So, it's a toss-up.

Now, I know what you're thinking... why don't you just subscribe to Netflix or Hulu Plus? Well, I may eventually. The problem is, my current internet sucks donkey balls and I can barely watch a 3 minute YouTube clip without it buffering for five minutes. I've recently discovered I can sometimes get the Simpsons off Hulu, but anything with live action is still off-limits to me.

However, I am getting internet with my cable, so I'll be paying out the last three months of my 2-year crappy internet contract with AT&T today. Worth. It. And who knows? After six months, I may just cancel the cable service and keep the internet. Then I really will sign up for Netflix and/or Hulu.

I have a niggling feeling that my TV may not accept the HD signal. I have no idea. It's not super old, but it's not one of them-thar new-fangled flat screens either. So... hopefully the cable guy has a spare box that he can set me up with and then charge me an extra $Stupid Amount to rent said box.

They really are making out like bandits, aren't they?

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