Of course.

The cable I was, ahem, borrowing went out this morning. As my internet is not good enough to use for Hulu or Netflix, I bit the bullet and got cable. They're coming this Friday and then I will buy out the end of the 2-year contract on my current USB internet thingy through AT&T. Worth. It.

My car is doing the put-put thing and the check engine light has decided to come on. At first I thought it was just bad gas (how embarrassing), but now I'm thinking I need the filters replaced or something. Which I would normally do on Friday, but as that is now Cable Day I need to call the place down the street to see if they have time for an oil change/battery replacement/put-put fixing. At least it's within walking distance.

With my salary potentially about to take a nose-dive, plus my car insurance due this month, I really don't think I should be spending the money on any of this. But if I don't fix my car I won't have ANY job, and if I don't get cable then I can't watch Season Three of Downton Abbey.

Don't mess with the Abbey, yo.


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