I have some good news party people: I have a new job!

Well, sorta.

I am bumping my shifts down to just two days per week at my current employer. That will allow me to still see the regulars that I would otherwise greatly miss. The other three days a week, I will be working at a massage center about a half-hour away from me. I will be doing mostly massage, but they will train me on their other offerings like hot-stone and reflexology.

This is a very good move for me. There are still aspects of my current job that I like, but the pace is killing me. I'm nervous that I'm going to develop an injury and as I don't have health insurance, I would be SOL. The pace is slower at the new place, and the pay is better. Unfortunately, I'll be coming on at one of the slower times of the year. But I'm hoping that I'll still be making enough to cover the bills.

I am excited and happy to start this new adventure!


Arielle said…
Congrats!!! New jobs are very exciting. =)
Jade said…
Thanks, Arielle! I'm super excited! :-)
Jade said…
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