Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This morning I went back to my Massage School for a morning "workshop". It was part of the class of 2012's regular coursework, but they opened it up to graduates who wanted to bone up on things they may have forgotten. I've signed up for three of these: focuses on the shoulder (today), neck and lower back. Considering these are what the majority of my clients indicate as troublesome, I thought the choices were wise. And at $50 a pop, very economical.

It was SO nice to be back there, even for just three hours. Even though some minor changes have been made, the nurturing safe space welcomed me in as if I never left. Oh, how I longed to be back in class! Conveniently forgetting the 80 hour weeks, of course.

It's definitely put me in the mood for continuing education. Which is a good thing, because I have to have 48 hours of CEU's in order to renew my national certification in two years. Yeah, I've got exactly none. I've taken a few things, but none that qualified. I think it's time I started. Luckily, my alma mater is offering several nice classes this year and I think I'll be taking a couple, provided finances go along with my plans.

I know I should branch out and take classes in other places (I'm looking at one in particular now), but I have such an affinity for my massage school. The space and the people in it emit such positive energies that I am continually drawn back for a "hit."

Considering the general lack of positive energy purveyors in society today, I say take what you can get!

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