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Betty's Back in Business

Yay for working transportation! Turns out I had a few leaky fuel lines and a clogged filter. It cost more for them to diagnose it what with the wonky symptoms than it did to actually fix it. But she's in great working order now, and I've spent the last day or so making up for the several days of not driving for fear of being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Now it's back to work for me! Thank goodness.

I also have a dance performance tonight. I've danced to my song a couple times. Should be fine... right? I am so uninspired when it comes to my dancing these days. Like nothing is challenging me and I don't feel like bothering looking for something that will. I need to get an infusion of "Give a Shit", I suppose.

It was so much fun when I started and I know I have so much more to learn, but I guess I've reached that plateau where learning more would require lots of money and traveling for workshops, neither of which I have. And if I am traveling for work…

I Am So Effing Bored.

Day Three of House Arrest. I'm climbing up the walls here. Betty made it to her appointment this morning, thank the Maker. I lost sleep over it last night, that's how worried I was about it. But she's over there now and hopefully he can fix it today. I need my car back. I can't remember the last time I felt so stranded.

I've cooked all I can. It's spitting snow and freezing out, so a long walk is just not appealing. I've read everything in the house or what I do have I don't feel like reading. I've watched so much television I feel like my eyes are about to fall out. I'm seriously considering going back to the grocery store (which I was just at on Tuesday) simply for something to do. Heck, I even danced to my song for Saturday's performance. If this keeps up, I may have to actually choreograph something just to keep from going crazy. Last night? I rearranged my storage closet.

If I start cleaning, you know I've gone 'round the bend.

Who'd Have Thought...

... you'd ever hear me say "... and I was really looking forward to going to work, too?"

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate this second week off since I'm sure I probably need it. However, I was really ready to start up at the New Place this week and it broke my heart a little calling my manager to say that I couldn't come in yesterday or today because of my car. As it's generally considered bad form to call out on your second week of employment, there was no small amount of guilt tucked in there, too. Luckily she was very understanding.

I am stuck at home, and it frankly kinda sucks. It's not warm like it was last week, and I can't go anywhere because my car has only one trip left in it, and that's to go to the mechanic tomorrow. Frankly, I'm hoping it has THAT trip left in it. I actually Reiki'd it for twenty minutes before bed last night. It just kept wanting more. And I do realize that sounds like I need to see a Special Doctor. Unle…

Betty Needs an Operation

Have I told you my car's name is Betty?

She's in bad shape, our Betty. I've been having problems on and off with her for about a month now, but they always seemed to fix themselves so I didn't worry too much about it. Betty's old after all (9 years), and we all tend to have our idiosyncrasies as we age.

Well, as I was coming home from Old Work Sunday afternoon, Betty nearly konked out on me in the middle of a busy intersection. Scared the ever-loving CRAP out of me, let me tell you. I set the alarm for early Monday morning and started calling around to see if any mechanics could fit me in before work yesterday. I was working under the assumption that it was either a misfiring spark plug or a clogged filter.

Someone was kind enough to fit me in yesterday (someone within walking distance, no less!). It turns out he thinks it's the coil, which can cause symptoms similar to what I've been experiencing. Unfortunately, he couldn't fix it yesterday, and I made…


Isn't it weird how sometimes you can be happy and sad at the same time? Like you're mourning the loss of what is making you happy even though you're still happy.

Don't ask me to explain that. I can't. Just in a mood I guess.


Did my first massage at the new place today. LOVED working there. Took me a little to get used to the space and set-up, so it was a little awkward to start. But once I worked out a system it went pretty well. Although, in the new place they don't use holsters. They have small bottles of oil with an option of using creme or lotion. I've gotten out of the habit of using oil and prefer the lotion. I started out with that and it was not working. So I switched to the creme.

And this evening, I ordered myself a holster:

This is my own personal one with my own personal bottle. I'll bring it in and use that at the new place. It's going to make my massages less awkward and so much more fluid, I think. Of course, if the creme won&…

Joy/No Joy

I went hunting all hither and yon yesterday and could find no cute wedges. Well, that's not quite true. I found loads of cute wedges but none of them fit me.

To assuage my bitter shoe disappointment I went into a tiny little health food store that I've been meaning to explore ever since I moved to the area. It's actually not in my area but an area near my area... you follow right?

Okay, no one could follow that. Let's just say I found a new health food store to explore and leave it at that.

While I had no joy with the shoes, while I was in the store I did find an absolutely beautiful bunch of asparagus and it had to be mine.

Hello, my name is Kate and I can easily trade a shoe fetish for a nice bunch of asparagus.

Anyway, it was still in the 80's yesterday and I was craving potato salad, and yet I had this lovely bunch of asparagus. What to do? This!

Sooooo delish! I can't claim originality on this recipe because it's a combination of a couple different thin…

First Day

Tuesday marked the first day of my new job. I'll be spending three days a week at the Stowe Village Massage, which is affiliated with the Green Mountain Inn.

It was pretty much all paperwork, getting a tour of the facility and a little bit of training. As it has been record-breakingly warm outside (80's! in March!), they've had virtually no business so I've gotten myself a three-day weekend. It was very much needed. I've been spending a lot of time just relaxing and being outside and it has done wonders for me.

My schedule has changed a bit; instead of having my weekend on Friday and Saturday, I now have it on Thursday and Friday. It was kind of painful giving up my Saturday, but I know in order to make this work - especially during the summer - working a weekend day there will be good for the pocket book. Speaking of, I'll be making more than twice what I am at the current place. YES.

So, with a day and a half left on my spur-of-the-moment holiday I'm plan…


This morning I went back to my Massage School for a morning "workshop". It was part of the class of 2012's regular coursework, but they opened it up to graduates who wanted to bone up on things they may have forgotten. I've signed up for three of these: focuses on the shoulder (today), neck and lower back. Considering these are what the majority of my clients indicate as troublesome, I thought the choices were wise. And at $50 a pop, very economical.

It was SO nice to be back there, even for just three hours. Even though some minor changes have been made, the nurturing safe space welcomed me in as if I never left. Oh, how I longed to be back in class! Conveniently forgetting the 80 hour weeks, of course.

It's definitely put me in the mood for continuing education. Which is a good thing, because I have to have 48 hours of CEU's in order to renew my national certification in two years. Yeah, I've got exactly none. I've taken a few things, but none that …

Spring? Please? Now?

I will not complain about our winter this year. Mainly because for the first time in my living memory, we haven't really had one. No major nor'easters to dump multiple feet of snow, no horrendous ice storms... nothing. Of course, winter isn't nearly over yet, and I'm still thinking we'll get at least one good dump in April. My personal theory is that we got all of 2012's precipitation in 2011, hence all the snowstorms and flooding and rain and flooding and Irene and flooding.

Have I mentioned a lot of flooding happened last year?

Anyway. Today it was in the 50's and sunny. Since I didn't have to be in to work until 3:30p, I took advantage of the nice weather and took a walk and then sat out on my porch and read for a long while. It did a heart good to breathe in the hint of spring and feel the sun warm my face.

While I was sitting out there, I contemplated how I wanted to "arrange" my porch. I've never had a real porch of my own as an adul…

Today's the Day...

Today's the day I sell my soul to the Evil Cable Company. They're supposedly coming between 11am and 1pm today. On the one hand, I am not excited about the bill. On the other hand.... I can watch any show I want to. So, it's a toss-up.

Now, I know what you're thinking... why don't you just subscribe to Netflix or Hulu Plus? Well, I may eventually. The problem is, my current internet sucks donkey balls and I can barely watch a 3 minute YouTube clip without it buffering for five minutes. I've recently discovered I can sometimes get the Simpsons off Hulu, but anything with live action is still off-limits to me.

However, I am getting internet with my cable, so I'll be paying out the last three months of my 2-year crappy internet contract with AT&T today. Worth. It. And who knows? After six months, I may just cancel the cable service and keep the internet. Then I really will sign up for Netflix and/or Hulu.

I have a niggling feeling that my TV may not accept…

Of course.

The cable I was, ahem, borrowing went out this morning. As my internet is not good enough to use for Hulu or Netflix, I bit the bullet and got cable. They're coming this Friday and then I will buy out the end of the 2-year contract on my current USB internet thingy through AT&T. Worth. It.

My car is doing the put-put thing and the check engine light has decided to come on. At first I thought it was just bad gas (how embarrassing), but now I'm thinking I need the filters replaced or something. Which I would normally do on Friday, but as that is now Cable Day I need to call the place down the street to see if they have time for an oil change/battery replacement/put-put fixing. At least it's within walking distance.

With my salary potentially about to take a nose-dive, plus my car insurance due this month, I really don't think I should be spending the money on any of this. But if I don't fix my car I won't have ANY job, and if I don't get cable then I can&…


I have some good news party people: I have a new job!

Well, sorta.

I am bumping my shifts down to just two days per week at my current employer. That will allow me to still see the regulars that I would otherwise greatly miss. The other three days a week, I will be working at a massage center about a half-hour away from me. I will be doing mostly massage, but they will train me on their other offerings like hot-stone and reflexology.

This is a very good move for me. There are still aspects of my current job that I like, but the pace is killing me. I'm nervous that I'm going to develop an injury and as I don't have health insurance, I would be SOL. The pace is slower at the new place, and the pay is better. Unfortunately, I'll be coming on at one of the slower times of the year. But I'm hoping that I'll still be making enough to cover the bills.

I am excited and happy to start this new adventure!

All Good Things Must Come to an End

If they didn't, they wouldn't be "good" things. They'd just be "things" that fade off into the background. They'd be nothing special.

I had a wonderful weekend this weekend. Nothing exciting or crazy happened, but it was a lovely low-key event with the one guy I wanted to spend it with the most. We had a wonderful dinner in a restaurant within walking distance of my place, a little shopping, a little ice cream, and a lot of lounging and napping and cuddling.

Sometimes it's those low-key, quiet, "nothing special" days that are the most special.