Friday, January 27, 2012

T -3 Days...

...until vacation!!!! Squee! I'm on my "weekend" now, working Sunday, then off for six glorious days. My original plan had been to sleep, but as my back will barely tolerate my bed for 8 hours, my new goal is just to lounge carefully posed for as much of the week as possible.

I was so happy this morning. I managed - with a variety of pillows, winches, pulleys and black magic - to lay on my side for like an hour. BLISS.

I really think I pulled one of my super-deep muscles, and there is simply nothing I can do but give it time to heal. So of course, doing massages all week probably didn't help. I've got a full schedule on Sunday, but after that I'm not doing anything. I'm tentatively planning on going up to my Mom's for a couple days, but I'm unsure if I can sit in the car for an hour.

We shall see.

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