Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Of Course.

Last night I was warming up a frozen pizza in the oven. Which I know totally goes against my "I'll make it all myself!" statement of like two posts ago but whatever. It was an organic pizza, okay? And I was hungry, and tired and in pain.

So, I was warming the pizza up when I look over and there are all these pretty flames in the the oven.


So yeah, freak all the hell out. Turn off the stove, didn't open it, let it die down. Scared the crap out of me, but figured something had just dripped on the bottom heating element and was burning off. Anyway, took a look at it last night before I went to bed. Yeah, nothing had dripped on it. Everything was burned out from the bottom of the element. Which means that it was the thing itself that erupted in flames.


At some point today I need to call the landlord and tell him the bottom heating element in the brand-spanking new stove he bought erupted into pyrotechnics last night and now the oven isn't working. Looking forward to that. Somehow I feel guilty for this, despite the fact that woah nelly not my fault. This landlord is really so nice and I really like him and I think he kinda reminds me of my Dad so I just don't want to disappoint him and holy moly can you say transference?

In other news, the back in not much better. A little, in that I can now sit on certain surfaces, but not for long. My car seat kills my back. I'm getting a massage tonight, and I'm hoping that she can get whatever it is that's seizing up to let go. Otherwise, I'll be making a chiropractic appointment for next week. Ow.

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