Friday, December 30, 2011

Up and Down Day

This morning started off alright... did laundry. Nothing special. Took a wander around Goodwill and looked at couches. Found nothing that wasn't burn-worthy. So I came home and took care of the chore I've been dreading.

I called the gas company.

There is nothing more difficult than speaking your truth when someone is determined to protect their lie. They claimed that they didn't know they needed to come in and turn the gas on in the apartment. I don't know what part of "I need someone to come turn the heat on" didn't tip them off to that. They would not admit that they told me they'd call me to set up an appointment to turn it on, as I needed to sign some papers and they wanted me there. They tried to put it on me that I never called. Despite the fact THEY were supposed to call. Worst of all, the woman whom I was speaking to was the same person I spoke to a month ago, and she refused to admit that she goofed big time.

All they really needed to do in order to keep my business was say "Oh my god, we messed up. We're so sorry. We'll get someone over there ASAP and we'll waive the set-up fee. Our apologies."

So, I'm getting my $200 refunded and now I'm hoping like hell I didn't shoot myself in the foot by choosing electric heat. I've always been told that it's the most expensive and worst option. But when I started renting, that was back in the late '90's, before gas prices started soaring. I honestly don't think it's going to be any more expensive, especially if I keep it set at a reasonable temperature (65 degrees for me).

Sigh. I greatly dislike confrontation, and this left me shaking for a while after. I am in the right and I know I'm in the right. But I am not generally one to get up in anyone else's grill. Unless I am PMSing, in which case I usually just apologize in advance and hope I don't do too much damage.

Anywho, after that debacle I called my Mom because I needed to vent to someone. And somehow or another she convinced me to go couch shopping. So I did. And I bought this:

Click here to visit the Ashley Home Furniture site. They treated me so well there. 

It's going to be delivered in a week or two, depending on whether or not they have it in stock. I'll take a picture as soon as it's in and show y'all how wonderful it's going to look in my electrically-heated apartment.

This really picked me up this afternoon. It's just what I wanted, in the color I wanted and I was able to stay within my price range, even *with* shipping! Gotta love the year-end deals!

I can't wait to get my couch!!!!

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