Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The New Place

So my friends asked for pictures of the new place. Here they are! I'm not entirely unpacked yet (and am a naturally cluttered gal) so excuse the non-neatness.

My kitchen. A lovely space. Eventually there will be a table in the near right corner where you see some boxes.  Yes, the ceilings really are that low.

My living room. In the near right corner there will eventually be a couch. When I have money. The door to the left is a large walk-in closet. Storage space! The heater is not currently turned on. The gas company here is a load of shite and I'm very unhappy with the (lack of) service I've seen so far. They're supposed to call me back to set up a time to turn it on. This is after they neglected to call me back after a credit check (!), DENYING my stellar credit because they didn't have the (insanely high) deposit they could have gotten had they called me back. So. I'm giving them until Friday, then I'm calling them back and asking them to refund my deposit and just stick to the electric heat which is working well and what I'm using right now anyway. Wow, this is one hell of a caption...

The bathroom. With a for-real shower. Which I'm not going to take a picture of because... well. That's just silly.

My bedroom. Say hello, Pooky.

The other side of my bedroom. I could fit another set of shelves in here, but I think I'm going to keep it simple this time around. I had so much crammed into my bedroom at the old place that I like that it's just the bed, dresser and bedside table. That door there is another closet. Oh yeah. 

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