Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm in!!!

I am officially all moved in to my new apartment. And I am *loving* it here! It only took four carloads and two truckloads to get everything over. I've got to go back to the old place tomorrow morning to clean, and then I'm DONE. I'll never have to go back to that energy suck again. YES.

I've got all the furniture arranged in a way I like - for now. I'm a notorious furniture rearranger so it'll probably change configurations many, many times. I've got a lot of it unpacked already too. Although, when you're coming from >100 sq. feet, there's really not all that much to unpack.

While I'm visiting my Mom for Christmas, I'll get a couple other items that I want. She's been holding a few things "in storage" at her place and they'll fit perfectly in my new apartment. Chief among them is a kitchen table and a coat rack. Each one originally being owned by a different grandmother.

I still need to purchase a couch, but I'm thinking that's not going to happen until January at this point. December is going to be a lean month already, what with two unpaid days off, my insurance due, and the holidays. Plus I just had to put $200 (!) worth of deposit down for the gas heat which isn't even turned on yet. There was some kind of SNAFU and they never called me back after they ran my credit. I got this letter saying I was denied and I was all WTF? because my credit is stellar. Anyway, I've got electric backup which is working nicely for now and it should be turned on soon. It better be, after 200 effing dollars.

Anyway. I am really loving it here. I'm sleeping *much* better, there's actually people my age around me, and lots of cool things are within walking distance. And! I have a full-sized refrigerator. It's a little intimidating. I went shopping Friday night to put stuff in it, and it doesn't look like I've got anything to eat. But if all that stuff had been in my other fridge, it'd be chocked full. Perspective! I also have a NEW full-sized stove. It's been so long since I cooked on a new, real stove that I'm a little intimidated. I haven't turned it on yet. Maybe I'll make the inaugural run tonight by baking some tater tots. Mmmmm, tots.

I'll post pictures soon. As soon as I find my camera. I'm fairly certain it's in one of those boxes over there. ;-)

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