Changing Behaviors

A couple weeks ago, I started noticing that I wasn't hungry a lot of the time. And that when I finally became hungry, it didn't take all that much to fill me up.

Of course, a couple weeks ago I sick but that's beside the point.

Even now, I've noticed that I stopped being hungry long before I actually stopped eating. This happens mostly in the evenings. The urge to munch and eat and stuff is almost overwhelming. But the thing is... I *know* I'm not hungry. I'm full.

I'm full right now (it's 8pm). I'm not in the least bit hungry. I ate a reasonable and tasty dinner and followed it with a couple cups of tea (with Bailey's... ahem) and I am not hungry. But all I want to do is crack open that box of Wheat Thins and dunk them in a vat of hummus.

But I'm. Not. Hungry.

I guess I'm writing this more at the moment to keep myself from eating. It'd be one thing if I was hungry and I needed a snack. But I'm not.

How long will it take for me to unlearn this awful habit of eating beyond hunger? It took me... oh, say... 37 years to develop this practice. I sincerely hope it won't take another 37 to break myself of it.


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