I am fighting off yet another cold. WTF? I just had one. I refuse to have the winter of my massage school repeated wherein I got sick every month and a half for nine months, culminating in the be-all-end-all of bronchitis attacks.

Would *really* prefer that not happen again. EVER.

I simply have way too much to do in the next couple weeks to get sick. I mean, I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet. I should get on that. Build into that another reiki class, a birthday party, an office christmas party and a host of other social obligations... yes I have NO time to get sick.

So I'm dosing myself with liberal amounts of Emergen-C, fruits and veggies, and piping hot aromatherapy baths in an attempt to just steam it out of me. I also gave myself about an hour's worth of Reiki this morning as I dozed before the alarm went off. Boy, that made me feel pretty nifty. :-)

So yeah... no sickies for me, thank you very much!


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