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Up and Down Day

This morning started off alright... did laundry. Nothing special. Took a wander around Goodwill and looked at couches. Found nothing that wasn't burn-worthy. So I came home and took care of the chore I've been dreading.

I called the gas company.

There is nothing more difficult than speaking your truth when someone is determined to protect their lie. They claimed that they didn't know they needed to come in and turn the gas on in the apartment. I don't know what part of "I need someone to come turn the heat on" didn't tip them off to that. They would not admit that they told me they'd call me to set up an appointment to turn it on, as I needed to sign some papers and they wanted me there. They tried to put it on me that I never called. Despite the fact THEY were supposed to call. Worst of all, the woman whom I was speaking to was the same person I spoke to a month ago, and she refused to admit that she goofed big time.

All they really needed to do in o…

Changing Behaviors

A couple weeks ago, I started noticing that I wasn't hungry a lot of the time. And that when I finally became hungry, it didn't take all that much to fill me up.

Of course, a couple weeks ago I sick but that's beside the point.

Even now, I've noticed that I stopped being hungry long before I actually stopped eating. This happens mostly in the evenings. The urge to munch and eat and stuff is almost overwhelming. But the thing is... I *know* I'm not hungry. I'm full.

I'm full right now (it's 8pm). I'm not in the least bit hungry. I ate a reasonable and tasty dinner and followed it with a couple cups of tea (with Bailey's... ahem) and I am not hungry. But all I want to do is crack open that box of Wheat Thins and dunk them in a vat of hummus.

But I'm. Not. Hungry.

I guess I'm writing this more at the moment to keep myself from eating. It'd be one thing if I was hungry and I needed a snack. But I'm not.

How long will it take for me t…

Happy Merry

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season, whichever one you celebrate!

Happy Merry, everyone!

Reiki to you!

If you're reading this, I'm sending you Reiki.



I had my Reiki II attunement this past weekend and learned how to do distance Reiki. And since reiki is all clever and imaginative I can work it so you reading this gives you Reiki. How cool is that?

While at lunch after the attunement, the three of us (me, my classmate and our teacher) started talking about future possibilities. I got turned on to the idea of combining psychology, massage, and Reiki. Been thinking about it since then. There is a wonderful school out in Colorado that offers a Masters in Somatic Clinical Psychology. Essentially, psychology of the body and mind. Which would be perfect. I, however, am not quite prepared to move to Colorado just yet. So, looking for someplace on the East Coast that would have something similar.

Do I really want to go to grad school? Not sure. Is this really the next step for me? Not sure. There are lots of things I want to do with my life, but just being turned on to th…


I am fighting off yet another cold. WTF? I just had one. I refuse to have the winter of my massage school repeated wherein I got sick every month and a half for nine months, culminating in the be-all-end-all of bronchitis attacks.

Would *really* prefer that not happen again. EVER.

I simply have way too much to do in the next couple weeks to get sick. I mean, I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet. I should get on that. Build into that another reiki class, a birthday party, an office christmas party and a host of other social obligations... yes I have NO time to get sick.

So I'm dosing myself with liberal amounts of Emergen-C, fruits and veggies, and piping hot aromatherapy baths in an attempt to just steam it out of me. I also gave myself about an hour's worth of Reiki this morning as I dozed before the alarm went off. Boy, that made me feel pretty nifty. :-)

So yeah... no sickies for me, thank you very much!

Just call me Ebbie Scrooge.

I used to adore Christmas. I have many, many fond memories from the holidays growing up. My memories are almost idyll, which is ironic because how often does that happen in real life? I mean, not every Christmas was perfect, of course. There was the year when everyone in the family was sick. Then there there was the year that my brother was two or three, and was so excited to see all the presents that he just started opening ALL of them. But they're still sweet memories. Every Christmas Eve, we'd have cookies and hot chocolate under the tree. Of course, when I was little I thought we were supposed to literally be under the tree to consume them and would scootch my little legs and hiney under as far as I could.

Yeah, good memories.

Now, I couldn't care less about the holiday. I'll pull it together in the end... I always do. And I'd really like to feel more "in the spirit." I just can't get there anymore. Don't get me wrong - I love to see all of th…

The New Place

So my friends asked for pictures of the new place. Here they are! I'm not entirely unpacked yet (and am a naturally cluttered gal) so excuse the non-neatness.

I'm in!!!

I am officially all moved in to my new apartment. And I am *loving* it here! It only took four carloads and two truckloads to get everything over. I've got to go back to the old place tomorrow morning to clean, and then I'm DONE. I'll never have to go back to that energy suck again. YES.

I've got all the furniture arranged in a way I like - for now. I'm a notorious furniture rearranger so it'll probably change configurations many, many times. I've got a lot of it unpacked already too. Although, when you're coming from >100 sq. feet, there's really not all that much to unpack.

While I'm visiting my Mom for Christmas, I'll get a couple other items that I want. She's been holding a few things "in storage" at her place and they'll fit perfectly in my new apartment. Chief among them is a kitchen table and a coat rack. Each one originally being owned by a different grandmother.

I still need to purchase a couch, but I'm thi…