Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We're a Go!

Yesterday was a slow start to work, so I was able to go over and get the keys to my new place. I can start moving things in this evening.

My car is packed with the first load, and my thighs are now all wobbly from going up and down the stairs with boxes a tad too heavy for me. I always forget how much my car holds. I've put a fair dent in the stuff already. I'm figuring maybe just three or four car loads (not counting plants, which will be the last to move) and I'll be done with the non-furniture stuff. I have a friend with a truck helping me on Friday. I'm not sure how big her boyfriend's truck is, so I'm thinking maybe three loads there, and then I'm done!

I'm beginning to believe that my goal of being moved in on Friday can be realized. Which would be really, really nice.

Fingers crossed this move is as smooth and painless as possible!

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