Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank you, Universe!!!

I have a new apartment!!!!!!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!! I'll be moving for the first of the month, so round about December 1st. As that's a Thursday and the apartment is currently empty, I'm hoping the landlord will be flexible and let me move in the weekend before. I want to be out of this place as soon as humanly possible.

The new place is ten minutes away from work, cutting my commute down by 20 minutes. It is about the same price (+$25) with literally twice the space. Full-sized everything. The ceilings are way low, but as it stands now that's about the only downside.

This is so what I need. And if things hold, I'll be able to move before the weather gets truly bad (knock on wood).

Thank you, Universe!!!!!!

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