Sunday, November 20, 2011


1. It's 4:54pm outside and already pitch-black. It feels more like 8:30. Except it's barely 5. It's screwing with my head, it is.

2. I always pick the most inopportune times to move. Not only have I chosen to move the same weekend as a show - one that is a solid 2.5 hours away from here - but I also am not taking any time off, the 1st is a Thursday and as such no one will be able to help me until Saturday, AND there's this pesky holiday this week so all the days I'd normally have to take care of details (like heat and gas) are essentially cut in half. Why can I never do anything the easy way?

3. Speaking of never doing anything the easy way, I'm on the road towards getting back together with the Ex that broke my heart earlier this year and lead me to post all kinds of pathetic things that must have drove all of y'all crazy. It's an exceedingly long story and everyone I know pretty much thinks I'm making a mistake. Maybe I am. But I've got to try. And - more to the point - he's trying. He really is. He apologized and he's doing what it takes to convince me that he understands what a huge mistake he made. We shall see. The heart wants what it will, for better or worse.

4. I bought wine to go with dinner this evening. I packed the wine glasses five days ago. I am drinking the wine out of a coffee mug. Oh yeah. And I'm proud of it.

5. The fire alarm in the empty apartment next door is beeping. I am assuming this is a different fire alarm than the one that already received a fresh battery courtesy of moi two months ago. I flat out refuse to do it again. Mainly on principle but also because I have no more 9-volt batteries. The first alarm took my spare. I notified the Landlady's daughter on Friday morning mainly because I know the Landlady can't hear it and would probably just ask me to do it anyway. It's Sunday evening and the damned thing is still beeping. This reminds me of the time I lived in Waterbury and the people in the apartment next to me let the damn thing beep for six freaking months. I am not exaggerating. I refused to let it get to me though. Eventually I stopped hearing it and it was a week before I realized that they'd moved out and the Landlord (bless his heart - he was a good landlord) replaced the battery.

6. I cannot wait for the day when I no longer have to hear a whiny "Kaaaaaaaate?" hollered up the stairs because the Landlady needs something.

7. Man, I have turned into Bitter Betty living here. Going to give myself a massive Reiki dose this evening. Speaking of, I'm working on getting my Level 2 certification sometime in December. Looking forward to this as I think it will really expand my energetic healing horizons.

I think that's it. All the randomness not fit to print but lucky you I did it anyway.

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