Saturday, November 12, 2011


Yesterday I informed the landlady and her daughter that I'd be moving out at the end of the month. I wrote a note to the landlady... who knows if she actually read it or not. Her daughter got my email, though. Sorry to see me go, did I know of anyone who wanted the place? Um... no. All of my friends have seen this place and have listened to me complain about it ad nauseum. So no.

Then she mentioned that technically I was supposed to give 30 days notice. Well, fuck. I gave 20. It's a month to month. I've been a great tenant and I've gone WAY above and beyond in helping your mother out. God forbid you let a few days slide. So I offered to pay a per diem rate for those days in December, minus the time I spent with her Mother. It's not like I'm going to be here for them anyway.

I'm still going to move out as soon as I get the chance. Just because you insist on me paying through the 11th does not mean I actually have to be here for it. And considering how "picky" your mom is being in getting tenants for the apartment across the hall, I highly doubt you'll be getting anyone for this place in the near future. Technically, I think the landlady is violating a few fair housing laws in regards to who she's willing to rent the space to, but try telling that to an 80-something lady who has refused to come into the 1990's, let alone the 2000's.

If I have to put off moving the majority of my things until December 3rd I can. I mean, I have a show that night but it wouldn't be the first time I moved on a show date. Hell, it wouldn't be the second time, either. It can be done. I can start moving smaller carloads on the 1st to be sure. It's only the big stuff I'd really need help with, like the mattresses and furniture. And technically it would give me plenty of time to clean the place. It's not like the landlady will be around anyway - she'll be leaving the week of Thanksgiving to spend the winter at her daughter's.

I can make this work. I'm a little peeved that they're going to split hairs about this, but I can make it work.

My new place has space for a couch! I've got one I'm keeping my eye on. I hope the store delivers.

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