Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sigh... of course.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before (I probably have as I have like no filter here and a tendency toward verbal diarrhea), but I have no shower in my place. I have a full size tub, which is odd considering this is an efficiency and they could have made the bedroom a good 2 feet wider if they'd installed a shower stall instead of a tub but anyway.

Back in April I went to the local hardware store and bought this lovely little thing that went over the bathtub nozzle then attached to the wall at whatever height I wanted, essentially creating a shower. It wasn't the best in the world, but it did the job effectively and it was very nice to be able to take a shower and wash my hair.

It broke two days ago.

There's no way to fix it (the tubing as it attached to the "shower head" snapped clean in two and there is no way to jury-rig anything) and when I went to the store yesterday, they had no replacements. They didn't even have the original anymore. Filled with dread, I ended up purchasing something called a shampoo rinser, hoping that I could make it work with the shower attachment thingy on the wall, which is fine.

It's made for a sink.

It will NOT fit over the bathtub fixture, and it's an old fixture that's actually kind of small. I am so beyond not happy right now. Moreover, even though it was only like $8 to buy it, I don't have the original packaging or receipt so I can't even return it.

So as it stands now, if I want to wash my hair for, say... oh.... a WEDDING I'm going to later today, I have to take a bath and use the broken tube without a shower head to rinse the 'poo. And that will just work great I'm sure. I'm kind of hoping Wallyworld has something I can use (even though I hate shopping there), but there is no way I can get there and back and still be ready to leave for the wedding on time, which is a solid 2.5 hours away from me. So, for the next couple days, it's back to baths for me.

I so need a new apartment...

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