Monday, October 10, 2011


1. Holy weekend, Batman! Busy from start to finish, but what a ride it was. My weekend is actually Friday and Saturday, and both were chocked full of events. Friday I spent a large portion of the day getting ready for Saturday, which was my friend Jay's wedding. Because the wedding was a solid 2.5 hours south of me, I pretty much needed to get a weekend's worth of errands done in one day, plus pull last minute details (like pantyhose and making the card) together.

The wedding on Saturday was amazing. One of the most fun I've ever been to, truth be told. It walked that perfect line between casual and elegant. The couple had the meet n' greet before the ceremony, so they "didn't get married in front of people they didn't know." Then the bride changed into a gorgeous retro-style dress and my brother married them. Apparently you can apply to marry people for a day in Vermont. He did a great job.

Then there was an 8-course meal that just kept coming... and coming... and coming... All of the dishes were fantastic! The dance party didn't start until nearly 10p, which unfortunately was the time I really needed to leave. I didn't finally get home until 12:45a, and I had to work on Sunday. Thank the Universe for coffee!

2. I have a shower again. Wallyworld had a hookup that I think is going to work. It's not made to be attached to the wall, but it sorta fits in the piece I have left over from the broken fake shower. So... we'll see how that works. It actually looks like it might hold together. Fingers crossed!

3. I have a set date for my Reiki 1 class. October 22nd. Very excited for it! I actually need to look into my National Certification to see if I can count it toward continuing education credits. I'm hoping you can apply to have a class count towards it even if the teacher doesn't offer it as such. I'm thinking it's kind of a long-shot since this is a money-making establishment and why offer someone CE credits if they or the teacher haven't paid to say "counts as National Association CE credits." Hope springs eternal, right?

4. That book I mentioned by Marianne Williamson is really helping. I ate out virtually every day last week. I mean, seriously - six out of seven days where one meal was either prepared in a restaurant or was an 8-course miracle. I only gained a pound. Actually, .8 of a pound. I was so thrilled I couldn't begin to tell you. I was sure I'd gained everything back.

I think the difference this time was that I was paying attention to my hunger cues. I may have eaten dinner out, but if I wasn't hungry by breakfast (and there were times I weren't), I didn't eat. I ate lighter the rest of the days because the evenings were heavy. I stopped when I was full. I did my best to order well and thoroughly enjoy what I was eating. Which meant I ate slower and realized I was full that much sooner.

I still had cake at the wedding (well, cake and a lemon bar. They had a selection of desserts from a fabulous bakery in town, with a small cake just for the bride and groom), but I enjoyed every bite and it was enough. I didn't go back for seconds. I didn't need to. Most of the courses were served family style, so if I wanted to make a pig out of myself, I could have. But I just had a little of everything. And it was enough to get a taste of delight and not feel stuffed and bloated for the loooong, dark ride home.

4. Laying low as much as possible today. I have to work my one evening shift tonight, so I'm trying to conserve energy as much as possible. After this past weekend, it's nice to not have to rush off anywhere.

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