Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm not ignoring you...


For some reason time has gotten away from me. I had no idea it had been a week since I last posted.

Last weekend was crazy busy for me. I had a performance in a town 2 solid hours south of us. Got to see some of the massive Irene damage on the way. Scary to think that the road we were driving on actually didn't exist for like a week.

Also ended up driving past the restaurant where the ex took me for my birthday. The good news is, it didn't get washed away by Irene. The bad news is, I wasn't expecting it and driving through that whole town gave me a bit of a lurch. Good memories, baaaaaad outcome. The show itself was good. Not too many people attended it, as it was competing with a beautiful late summer evening and the local county fair. All of the other dancers made for a very enthusiastic audience though! :-)

All this was on Saturday. On Sunday, I headed up to Dreaming Mountain in Johnson for Johnson State College's Integrated Health Day. A whole bunch of alternative healers (reiki, craniosacral therapy, chiropractics, belly dance, massage, astrology, homeopathy, shamanism, meditation, and more!) gathered together to give incoming students a taste of what non-allopathic healing can do. It was a wonderful day. It was six hours of massaging (through the clothes in 20 minute sessions), and it reminded me of why I got into this in the first place. I also made some wonderful contacts, including one person with whom I hope to be trained in reiki. Here are just a few of the pics I took:

There were several Buddhas scattered across the property. This one was overlooking a small waterfall and pond.

We were on a mountain, so fall and its colors start a little earlier than everywhere else

This picture just does not do the view justice. The haze is hiding the mountains. STUNNING.

This coming Saturday I have two performances - an opening of a studio and then a benefit. I should probably listen to my song for the studio opening. It is only three days away... good thing I don't mind improvisation!

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