Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Can't Help It... It's On My Mind

My ex lives in one of the toughest hit parts of the state. From the news feeds I've been reading, his town is pretty much completely cut off. They're struggling to get the people stuck in town the basics like food and medicine.

He lives on the upper floors of his apartment building so I'm guessing he was at least okay. Although, the pavement in front of his place had been undermined earlier in the year from the heavy spring rains and had been pegged for fixing. Who know if it held. His entire parking lot could have been washed away. His step-parents also live very close to a creek and a flat-lying area.

I'm sure they are all fine - from what I understand no one has been seriously injured or killed, so I know they are all at least okay. But I am so disheartened that I am not even "allowed" to text him to see if he and his are okay. That even if I did, he would never respond so the most I would get is... nothing.

I'm sorry. But he introduced me to a bunch of really great people, and I CARE about all of them. I don't wish any of them ill and if something happened to them I would want to help. I'm frustrated that I'm just supposed to stop caring about these nice people, and that any attempts that I make to find out would be thwarted with unending, unrepenting silence.

You just don't stop caring. Well, I just don't stop caring. I can't help it. I'm not built like that.

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