Thursday, September 22, 2011


After Facebook's latest round of updates, I decided that I needed to expand my social networking horizons. So, myself along with several other friends migrated over to Google+.

I'm waiting for it to not suck.

I can see its possibilities, but frankly it's not particularly user-friendly at the moment. I'm having issues finding people, and short of exporting all my contacts from Yahoo into another file and then somehow getting G+ to read it, getting my friends back is going to take a while. Also, I think a lot of the people actually want to follow aren't over there yet. I'd send invites, but.... back to the whole Yahoo issue.

Of course, when FB first started it sucked too. Then it got really good and then it started pulling a George Lucas and fixing things that weren't broke.

So, I guess I should give it some time. Meanwhile, I'm updating both now and am waiting to see which takes off and which peters out.

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