Saturday, August 6, 2011

Well, now THAT was unexpected...

(warning, I'm in a swear-y mood here...)

I decided to take a walk down to the waterfront today. I've been meaning to do that since I moved here, and I just never got around to it/was too lazy to go through with it. But I decided today was the day. It's a good 3 mile walk one way. I can take the bike path the entire way and it's a beautiful walk.

So, I slathered on as much sunscreen as I could manage, stuck a few dollars in my pocket so I could buy some water when I got there, and headed on out. I was halfway down to the waterfront - maybe not even - when guess who rides by on a bike? That's right...


He who dumped me via text and still has yet to give me any reason why he decided our previously good relationship needed to end.

The fucker.

We definitely made eye contact, although with my hat low and my sunglasses covering half of my face, it was a crapshoot if he realized who I was until after he passed. I sure as hell recognized him. And boy was I shocked. What I should have done was turn around and yell "You Bastard!" to his back. Luckily for him 1) I am not that kind of girl and 2) I was simply to shaken to do anything about it. So, after pulling myself somewhat together, I whipped out my phone and texted him: "I saw you".

So yeah. He's busted. He knows I know he's in town, he's two blocks away, and that he's being a chicken-ass pussy. All he has to fucking do is give me a damned reason - any reason at this point - so I can have some damned closure. But noooooooo. He's too wrapped up in himself to do the right thing.

Bastard indeed.

After I texted him, I continued on my walk. I went down to the waterfront, bought my water, and since I was all sweaty and disgusting, decided to forgo actually doing anything and came home. I had a shower, a lovely lunch made almost entirely of all local things and read a little. Planning on going to the movies later this afternoon to rent out some air conditioning.

We're going to consider this unexpected event a win in several ways:
1. I did not burst into tears as soon as I saw him
2. I did not let him derail my plans
3. I did not act like a harpie, but did acknowledge that what he was doing was not okay
4. I'm more angry than depressed

This is my territory, damn it. If you're going to be a dick to me then at least have the courtesy of doing it from your own house two hours away. I should not have to worry every time I leave the house that I'm going to bump into your family, let alone YOU.

This is a mess of your own creation, so CLEAN IT THE FUCK UP.

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