Sunday, August 7, 2011

So Effing Angry.

I had started to find a way to move on, to move past. The changing of the months represented something for me, a new beginning. I could finally start to let go of the pain and confusion and frustration that followed me through July.

But then you just had to go and flaunt your presence, didn't you? You HAD to know that if you rode your bike on the bike path, we'd see each other sooner or later. I'd already seen your brother twice. And can I say... awkward?

Once again I'm back where I was, left here stewing in my frustration and anger, knowing that you are a mere two blocks away and you don't care a fat rat's ass about how you continually hurt me.

You are REALLY not the man I thought you were. That man would never be this cruel.

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