It's My Friday

:: Happy Dance! ::

Okay, so technically it is Thursday, but this is my last day of work for the week and I am HAPPY about it! It's a fully booked schedule with at least one client that is thoroughly going to test me in regards to my deep tissue abilities (you know, the abilities I believe I've lost and am feeling all self-conscious about).

But after that.... FREEDOM!

Not really anything major planned for the weekend, but I'm looking forward to it. Which is a nice change of pace. The St. John's Wort tea is working for me. I've been drinking a cup in the morning before work and again once I get home, and I definitely seem to be in a better mood. Been doing my best to eat minimal sugar and processed foods and to get outside and take a walk at some point during the day. It's all helping. Whether that's me projecting or everything actually working is up in the air. Frankly, I don't care which so long as I feel better.

For every day that I feel better, it is less likely that I'll slip back. I still feel the sorrow; I'm sure I will for a while, but I'm able to find the good things around me again. And there are many. So... slipping back is no longer an option. Moving forward, however, is.


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